Love & Praise

“My experience with Christine was HEAVENLY – I felt so deeply relaxed ! The hot stones, incredible massage & essential oils all combined together was so divine. I will be adding this to my self care routine as I came away from my time with Christine feeling 100% rejuvenated. Thanks you for your care & expert hands.” Johanna Lynn

“Christine is an intuitive healer who knows just the right pressure to use during her hot stone massages. She is able to find all the spots that need attention without my guidance and I come out of a treatment feeling refreshed, relaxed, loved and healed. I highly recommend her skills to anyone who would like to feel the same way”. —Michael Lenhardt

“What an amazing Hot Stone and BARS (Accessing Consciousness) session!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would recommend this session to anyone going through a shift or need a shift in their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual lives. Her hands are from out of this world! She just intuitively knew what to do. Love your work! Will book another session soon. Light and Love.” –Klaudija Troscot

“Christine’s intuitive hot stone massages are amazing! The combination of her great techniques, authentic presence and healing intuition make for an incredible experience. Each time I go I feel a shift in my awareness, more grounded and definitely relaxed! Thank you for your caring services!” Nicki Paulun

“Christine is a gifted healer! Her spa is beautiful with art, serene music, natural oils & very welcoming. I love her hot stone massage. She even personalized her treatment from me to work out the stress I was carrying in my shoulders and offered some energy clearing techniques! At the end of my massage she did an access consciousness bar technique that helped my body & soul integrate all of the work she did! I left feeling so happy and energized. I’m looking forward to going back again and often! Thank you Christine! I’m so grateful!” –Alicia Marshall

“I went to see Christine because I was looking to see what was the difference of hot stone massage and energy healing. I was also sore in my lower back are and ham strings felt tight. While I was there she asked me to not talk and just enjoy the process and the feeling. So, I didn’t say a word and just relaxed. She used essential oils for different areas and they were incredible. Some oils would wake up my sense of smell, while others were making my body warm. When the session was done, I felt so relaxed and the leg discomfort that I felt was gone. This was the first time I experienced massage therapy as a form of meditation for me. I felt deeply relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend Christine if you’re looking to relax and feel pampered. She is gentle with you and her energy is so welcoming. Thank you Christine for a great session.” –Tina Lalonde

“Thank you so much Christine Bizier! I have visited Christine twice and both times I have left relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the day. With her many gifts she was able to help me feel more centred, grounded and to be more mindful.” —Janet Seto-Slatter

“Do you like to take hot baths? Hot tubs? Warm water? If so, you need to sign up for a hot stone massage. I threw out my back and had a hot stone massage to work out the kinks in my lower back. It completely did the trick! Hot stone massages are one of the most relaxing and rehabilitating massages you can get! They are wonderful for working out tight muscles, especially in your neck and back. It’s a terrific way to release tension and relax muscles. Additional benefits to a hot stone massage is, it alleviates stress, it releases toxins, it relieves pain and it improves circulation. You won’t be disappointed, Christine is a gifted hot stone massage therapist and her massages are truly amazing! A great place to go if you want to leave feeling better.” –Kathy Foley