Self-love investment

Self-care and self-development are the most important investments we can give ourselves. Truly priceless when we take time to fully step into what brings us peace, ease, joy and grace!

My passion is to work with those who are ready, willing and able to invest in their heart + SOUL.  I offer single sessions for a one time tune up for the body, mind and soul. However, most often I recommend a package session depending on your unique needs and I offer special packages.  This is where we can see real growth and expansion.

Everyone is different and we can discuss your journey to bliss! Our bodies give us warning signals just like a car gives a warning lights when your car needs a tune up-just like the windshield washer fluid or engine lights, we too need some TLC to keep going in our fast paced world.  Often we fall into anger, sadness, resentment, jealousy, frustration and stagnate energy with blame towards others or situations–forgetting that we have the power to access infinite possibilities such as abundance, joy, love and bliss.

What do you choose? How do you show up in your life? What else is possible? What would it take to live the life of your dreams?

If you are ready and waiting for change please call or email for more details! I would love to work with you as your energy healing and access consciousness possibilities coach. Action and alignment are key elements to living a life with passion & purpose!

Insurance receipts are available upon request.
For all sessions I ask you please contact me within 24 to 48 hours to avoid being charged for your session. I can offer long distance healing and on the phone/Skype/zoom sessions as well if you cannot make it in person!