Who Does This Belong To? Take the 3-Day Challenge! Access consciousness Tools

When I first learned access consciousness it was a totally new world for me and I found the tools completely different from any other healing/energy course. Over the years, I have now learned many different AMAZING & SIMPLE tools to add to my “tool box” and yet this one is still  one of my top favorite tool I love to use.

Access consciousness founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer encourages asking questions without coming to conclusion. The tool is this question: Who does this belong to?

I often share this tool with clients who are overwhelmed, stressed, emotional or have high anxiety or depression.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we take on other people’s energy. One way to find out if this tool would be helpful for you, is to ask yourself how do I feel before you enter a location i.e.Costco or IKEA on a busy Saturday. If you find you are sensitive to the energy, ask yourself who does this energy or emotion belong to and pay attention it may not be yours!

This is a quick summary how to use the tool:

Who Does This Belong To? Just ask this question for every thought, feeling and emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender.

Easy enough for you? Would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose? All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours!!! So, if you are brave enough to find out how many of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having that are not yours … then take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE!

Try it & take the 3 day Challenge: Check out the App online (Google or Itunes)

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have during the 3-days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from—just return it, and see what shows up in your life!