31 days of self-care by Serenitysoulspa.ca

Yesterday I came across a printable worksheet for children to learn self care–learning basics like how to brush our teeth and get dressed. I wonder when and where as adults we forgot our own self care–I often hear clients say I don’t have time for a bath! We don’t allow ourselves the basics of self care! I invite you to join me for May to enjoy 31 days of self-care.  Self-care is not a luxury–it is time to nurture our heart & soul!

Day 1: Take time to reflect and reset–just for you!

Day 2: Take time to breathe–allow whatever shows up to simply be–if you need quiet time then listen to your body!  Sometimes we just need a little time out to recharge.refresh.rejuvenate!


Day 3: Take time to meditate–even 5 minutes–put on your diffuser and enjoy some relaxing essential oils to transcend your practice–my latest favorite oil is spruce oil i sused to help ground and balance the body and release emotional blocks by purifying and cleansing. It is also said to release blocks to prosperity and wealth.