Selfies, Self-Awareness and Self-Love…by Serenity Soul Spa

Yesterday, I was in line at my favorite coffee shop waiting for my chai latte. It was quiet and peaceful. Light ambient music was in the background.  Sweet and aromatic fragrances were taking over my senses.  The baristas were bustling behind the counter lovingly creating my morning indulgence.
I noticed a woman sitting alone at a table taking a selfie.  Right away, my monkey-mind began to chatter. In an instant, I paused and caught myself as I witnessed my thoughts and judgements.  I wondered why this lady, sitting alone in a random coffee shop, was taking a selfie.  I would not have been surprised by this behaviour had she been a teenager or had she been all dressed-up for a special occasion.  She didn’t even smile for herself.
Even though I was aware that I was witnessing this chatter in my mind, I was still creating a story of why she would take a selfie.  And above all, why oh why this point of view even existed in my mind that she had no reason to take one!  Then, using my tools from Accesss Consciousness, turning my thoughts inwards, I wondered why was I judging this random-coffee-shop-lady at all.  Is it really any of my business why this woman was taking a selfie?  Maybe she was practicing radical self-love. Who am I to judge?  What would it take to live judgement free?
I then started to think about the whole selfie-trend…  Who was the first person to take a selfie and post it on social media? Did they realise what they started?  I wondered about how, as a society, we label selfie-takers as “narcissistic” or “self-absorbed”.  I thought about how quick we are to judge, including myself.  All this before my morning latte was served!  Monkey-mind, indeed.
We have all witnessed selfie-takers, maybe at a concert, where people literally have their back to the stage in order to video themselves being present.  I judged them too, assuming that they were missing the whole point of being there in the first place!  But really, why do I care?  Why do I need to judge?  And why does the monkey-mind need to chatter so much?
So… what else is possible?  What if, we were able to look at life like we are taking a selfie, with kindness and compassion, instead of judgement. With love and acceptance instead of prejudice. What. If.
What if we started a new selfie-trend? One with radical acceptance of self-love! Loving each other, and ourselves, monkey-mind and all! Judgement free of ourselves and others!
Serenity Soul Spa