31 days of self-care by Serenitysoulspa.ca

Yesterday I came across a printable worksheet for children to learn self care–learning basics like how to brush our teeth and get dressed. I wonder when and where as adults we forgot our own self care–I often hear clients say I don’t have time for a bath! We don’t allow ourselves the basics of self […]

Selfies, Self-Awareness and Self-Love…by Serenity Soul Spa

Yesterday, I was in line at my favorite coffee shop waiting for my chai latte. It was quiet and peaceful. Light ambient music was in the background.  Sweet and aromatic fragrances were taking over my senses.  The baristas were bustling behind the counter lovingly creating my morning indulgence. I noticed a woman sitting alone at […]

Salt wave

Last night I co-hosted a healing and meditation evening with Alicia Marshall at the salt wave at Westgate Mall. I love the ambiance and healing benefits of halo-therapy. The combination of healing energy and the Himalayan salts create a sacred space for those who are willing to let go of stress and release blockages.  The […]

Take a little time for you…

Many of us declare over and over again that we will take the time necessary to nurture and honour our bodies. However, we cease to validate the importance of our well-being throughout the course of the day. Manifesting simple life changes, such as enhancing one’s health through sleep, exercise, meditation and proper nutrition are important […]